Thursday, August 29, 2013

Planet Stewardship Part 1: Introduction

As of this writing, I have written 87 articles on energy in matter in our universe, and I am not done yet. Focused primarily on physics, chemistry and mathematics, this exploration has been tremendously personally satisfying. I have always had a scientific itch to scratch and I thank all readers for following me along the way.

My Garden Buddha
What I did not expect was to find a deep respect for our planet growing within me at the same time. Maybe because I have explored her inner workings and how she behaves that I have grown conscious of how intimately I am connected to this rare wonderful planet. Life on Earth remains, despite great scientific pondering, absolutely enigmatic. We are part of a world that is born, breathes, evolves, recycles, kills, nurtures and dies.

A Cacao Fruit
I am greatly moved when I look at all the myriad physical processes that culminated in me at this moment. And at the same time, it occurs to me that this moment is like moving sand. The Earth, and everything in the universe, is in constant flux and I am just a brief and tiny blip along the way. I think Japanese culture most deeply embraces this sense of mono no aware (bittersweet brevity) as well as a sense of yƫgen, a profound, dark and mysterious grace that percolates through everything in existence.
My Husband, Joe

Me Exploring
My Garden In Spring
Earth is deeply beautiful and I am passionate to help care for it and keep it that way, because the future is counting on us. This to me is what stewardship means.  
My Daughter, Joleen

I invite you to choose a quiet space and time to explore what stewardship means to you.

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